Who we are

Mission Statement

To create an establishment that will promote and preserve the original Palestinian culture and traditions through the practice and performance of the Arab folk dance known as "Dabke".

About Us

Jafra Dabke

Jafra Dabke Team is a group of young Arab-Americans set out to promote and preserve the Palestinian culture through the teaching, showcase, and performance of the traditional folk dance known as Dabke.

Founded in 2011, this group was originally formed to perform for local cultural events.  Shortly thereafter, the group's popularity had grown, and has performed throughout North America primarily along the West Coast for weddings, conventions, and everything in between. 

Current Members:

What is Dabke?

Dabke is an Arabic folklore popular within most Arab countries. It originated from Bilad- Alsham, which includes Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.

Dabke is a rhythmic dance that is performed by a group of people who swing their legs and stomp their feet in synchronization.  Dabke is performed differently within Arabic countries and villages. There are many types of Dabkes, but the Shamilyah has always been the most well-known and performed.

Whether or not Dabke is performed amongst common people or professional groups like ourselves, it has always been the most exciting part of every wedding or event.